Why Now for Bitcoin

Bitcoin was invented as a result of the 2008 crash...money is changing and to be real what alternative do we have to paper money. We already have a decline in the amount of actual cash that pases through our hand on a daily basis.
The younger generation can tap and pay or even pay on their mobile phone.
Money is changing quickly and it looks like Bitcoin is just going to keep growing.  

Crypto currencies and Bitcoin

So I started looking into Bitcoin after reading about it on an Easyjet flight, I tell you that magazine is the best for future technology. They have many contributors...I just <3 it.

So anyway I come back home to Spain and start investigating how to mine Bitcoin and how I can make a fortune. That was very short lived as it appeared to be very complicated to understand and there was not much information to research.

So now around 4 years after first seeing Bitcoin and watching it from when it was a mere £800 I am kicking myself and saying Why???

But its okay its not too late to learn and get into Bitcoin.

Now there are loads of sites to research

My number 1 advice is look before you buy and dont join any schemes in a rush. Bitcoin is scammers paradise right now and many people are loosing their money.

You dont need to buy a whole bitcoin and you dont need millions to get started. I started with £100 which went down to £36 and is now at £315.

Its not easy to understand and you need bank accounts that are in your name.

My second best advice...dont use your food or rent money to fund your adventure of bitcoin. Maybe way down the line when you know whats what then you can add more funds.

Hi and welcome to in the Meantime

Hello and Welcome

I cant believe its almost 2018

I have working on learning Crypto Currency mainly Bitcoin. I still dont understand everything but I most probably know more than you do.

If that is the case then stay close by and I will give you some feedback on what I have learnt so far.

Bitcoin is going to be huge and everyone should be paying some attention to whats going on.

I am